Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes it will change

Here is the weather report for this week. I can be very accurate because this is what has already happened.

The little skiff of freezing rain that we got on Sunday night didn't make any difference. All it did was scare everybody into staying indoors. No change to the trails then.

Nothing Monday night but it did get quite mild on Tuesday night and then some rain came. Not much snow was lost. By 8:00 am Wednesday though things had changed again. The temperature dropped to well below freezing in a couple of hours and it has started snowing.

Hard to say how much will fall but most of the icy spots are now hiding under the snow.

I had two riders in yesterday that had come from Pembroke and were heading to Bancroft. Other than running out of snow around Kilaloe they said that the rest of the trails were in good shape. Still a few washouts but nothing serious.

They groomed to Bancroft on Tuesday night and I'm not sure where else they have gone.

I'll be back tomorrow sooner if something exciting happens. Don't hold you breath!!!

Let's hope for a good weekend.

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