Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.

What a great day for sledding today was. Just cold enough to remind you it's winter, sunny all day, great conditions and nobody around to get in your way.

Both groomers have been out every day since last Thursday. The trails won't be in much better condition than they are now. We have had a little snow almost every day for a week now. It has piled up more than you would think.

Riders in this week (and there haven't been many) have all reported that the trails are in great shape.

The locals are starting to hate me for wishing for more snow. They don't want me to do the snow dance anymore. But will I listen? I THINK NOT!!!

Not a moment too soon the execs of the MLSS opened the trails offically on Monday. Go figure.

Well load em up and get up here.

See you on the weekend.


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