Sunday, January 20, 2008

Confusion in the MLSS club.

Well there seems to be some sort of lack of communication in the local snowmobile club.

I called the president this morning to see why all of the trails are still closed after all the snow, grooming and hard work folks have put in this week.

My answer was to call the trail boss because he is the one that orginizes the grooming and only he knows for sure when they should be open. The pres can't just update the web site without being told to apparently. The fact that he sledded here on Saturday (on the same closed trails) and said that condtions were good wasn't enough of a clue for him to reopen the system.

I guess it's no skin off this teeth because he is not trying to run a business that relies on the sledders to survive.

I have put a call into the Trail Coordinator to see if he can call Mr. Pres to ask him if he can possibly find the time to hit the web site before next Friday and maybe try to open a trail or two. I realize that this is asking alot but I thought it might be worth a try. Let's just see how long this will take.

I hope that the executive will have a meeting to decide when they should have a meeting to decide when they should open the trails again.

Now that I have finished my rant without uttering one swear word (it wasn't easy) I will tell you that everyone in this weekend had a great ride. There are still some wash outs in spots but other than that conditions are good to excellent depending on where you are. It is really cold today and not expected to warm up for a few days. This will be good for the water crossings but maybe a little to cold for snow.

I will update in a couple of days or sooner if it snows.

Until then, have a great week.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Nancy,this last week end was the 1st time we went to Lake St. Peter this year and the riding was awsome. Hard to believe the trails where closed.

Anonymous said...

The trails are great up here in Whitney. Algonquin Park did the same thing for there ski trails, closed them down with no regard to the businesses in the area. I skied Leaf Lake last Wednesday when the trails were "closed" , the trails were in better shape then at any time last winter. I had people that were going to cancel there trip last weekend but didn't because I was able to convince them not to listen to the Park information. They came up and had a great time, I wonder how many people we have missed out on because of the ski and snowmobile trails being closed.

Steve Dunsford
The Mad Musher Restaurant and Lodge