Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well I'm back with an encouraging report. Not all good news just not bad.

The groomers are back out again. Down to Bancroft, Martins Mill and Whitney yesterday. There has not been much new snow. It has been snowing a lot but the snow is fine so it doesn't add up to much.

On a positive note the continuously cold weather has let the lakes freeze up well. I got this info first hand from Brian and Jim. I know they are goofballs but they would not lead me astray in this department. They were out playing on Lake St. Peter on Saturday and Sunday. Mink is also being traveled on. I don't know about Baptiste but if these two are frozen that Baptiste is also.

We are expecting a little snow on Wednesday and more on Saturday and Sunday. At least this week when it isn't snowing the sun was out which makes things look a lot rosier.

I was starting to get a little cranky or is that crankier than usual with all the dull cold days.

On an amusing note I had the cutest phone call last week from a guy checking on snow conditions. I gave him my usual answer if you are not traveling from too far the trip would be worth it, but if you are coming from far away the conditions were not good enough to make a trip

When I asked him how far he was coming from he asked me "have you ever heard of a place called Oshawa?". Well if you know me at all you can just imagine what I would have liked to say. But in my sweetest voice I told him that I had been raised in Ajax. He then went on to say that he wasn't really from Oshawa but a little town east. Had I heard of Newcastle. He was quite surprised to hear that I had even been there. A number of people from the city are condescending or just rude. But bless his heart I think that he was just naive. I'll bet he didn't know that I have call display and recognized him when he phoned back this week!!!! He he he.

Well this is a shout out for everyone to shake what your mama gave you and do the snow dance for here.

Back later in the week with all the good news.


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Pete said...

Thanks for the positive update! Hopefully the snow continues and the trails shape up ... maybe soon we can make it up for a ride and some lunch ..... also coming from Oshawa!! :)