Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally snow at last. With yesterdays snow fall on top of what had fallen last week we have decent snow. I had the lot plowed on Sunday and it needs to be done again today.

I haven't heard where the groomers have gone or if they have gone but I will hear tomorrow when Pat the cook comes in. She usually has the info because her husband grooms sometimes.

Last night I had two very nice sledders in for dinner. They had ridden from Norland at Hwy 35 and were on their way to Barry's Bay. They were shocked at how good the trails were all the way over after reading the OFSC web site and finding that all trails were closed still. They had a great ride leaving Norland area at noon and arriving at the diner by 6:00.

I will be back Thursday or Friday (sorry Brian if it's Friday) with more info on grooming and other stuff that is important.

I know lots of you won't have to leave your own neighborhood because there is snow everywhere but here's hoping we see you this weekend.


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