Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Riders in today said----Oh wait, there were no riders in today.

We had a little snow yesterday and more today. Today was an actual snowfall not just flurries. Heavy one minute light the next. But it came down all day. Now don't go loading up the trailers just yet. We haven't gone that far.

The temperature has dropped enough that the lakes are now frozen over again. The next few days is to bring more snow after tomorrow and the temp is not going above zero so things should be looking up by the weekend.

It's pretty quiet this week not touching stories just one bone head play by yours truly. After making a lovely pot of Cream of Potato Soup I left the kitchen thinking that I had turned the stove off. Alas I was mistaken. About half an hour later when the funny smell started I wondered what that was. I had a well charred stainless steel pot holding a pot of brown cream of potato soup. Needless to say the soup for today is now beef barley.

I will be back Thursday late in the day to let you know how things are going.

So long for now.

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