Thursday, January 13, 2011

All right now-Who isn't doing the snow dance? It would seem most of you. Don't be afraid of looking stupid. It hasn't bothered me. I do it on a regular basis.

We haven't had much snow this week even though it has tried every day. It sure is cold though. I don't know if the groomers were out yesterday. But most trails that were groomable were done. Some just don't have enough snow.

I had two riders in today. They went from here to Whitney over to Madawaska and back down the back way. No complaints about grooming just lack of snow and rocks that have come through.

We are still to get snow tomorrow but who knows how much.

So the report is not good today and I am not sure about the weekend. If anything happens tomorrow I will update. If you don't hear from me Friday I am drowning my sorrows in a lovely bottle of white wine while I pout. That's it for today-I'm off to snooker.

Lets hope for snow!!!!

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East Coast Mama said...

I am drowning in snow-- sending it your way as I am tired of shoveling!