Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Update

The Family Day long weekend is quickly sneaking up on us. We are hopping for a busy one around here. This last week has been very quiet, today especially.

There has not been any new snow to speak of but the trails are still in great shape. The groomers have been out every day and so has the sun. The days have been just beautiful. Sunny and mild but cold enough to keep the snow from melting. The nights have been keeping cold also.

There are lots of single riders out which is unusual as most of the time the groups are large.

And now for my rant of the week. I have a new pet peeve. It is cell phone use in the diner. I would be interested to see if any other servers have this same issue. This year more than any other I have noticed people using their cells as soon as the enter the restaurant, like it is an addiction. Now I know that for some people having the phone with them means that they are able to come out and play while still dealing with issues at work. If they didn't have the phone they would have to stay behind. I understand this and can accept it. BUT---- Could you please order your drink and your lunch before you start checking e-mail and returning phone calls. It is frustrating when you are trying to serve a table, when you are busy and you are being ignored by someone on the phone or checking e-mails. Not every one is rude lots of people are very polite about their use so don't take offence at this.

This week there was a group of five in with a table of eight right behind them. I was here by myself. I had served the drinks and was taking food orders. All four had ordered when I got to the last one (he couldn't have been more than 17-18) he ignored me first, then said take all the other orders first. His buddy remarked that she already had. Well I don't know what I want (while still trying to talk on the phone). He then waved his hand in the air at me and said "Come back later when I decide.". I very politely and not sarcastically (stop laughing) in my calmest voice said that it would be a long while before I would get back to him.

I know that food servers are very low on the food chain but we have a job to do also. Dam you Telus for giving away all of those Blackberry's. You have created a society of cell phone addicts!!!

Whewwww-I feel better now.

Hope you have a great long weekend. Drop by if you are in the area.



Anonymous said...

got that off your chest "feel good"

Anonymous said...


When I am at Lake st. Peter, the blackberry isn't.

Mike Alguire