Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I waited until Tuesday to update to see what the weather would do. Well I kept letting a black dog outside and letting a white dog in so I guess it snowed quite a bit overnight.

After watching Kevin from Breakfast Television get his weather hysteria turned on I figured we might be in for some flurries.

Can't say how much fell but I wished that I had worn my boots home last night so that I had them for this morning. It is still snowing now with no signs of stopping any time soon. The temperature is staying below zero so nothing is melting. We are to have snow for the next few days, making the weekend sledding great.

The groomers were out Sunday and Monday so the trails were in pretty good shape yesterday. We had quite a few sledders in on Monday that said conditions were fine but more snow was needed and now we have it.

Here is a shout out to Nancy from Pennsylvania. Bruce was here on the weekend. He behaved very well and was having a great time. He should come back. Thanks for reading the blog.

Bone head play of the week goes to Jim M. Brian had to squeal on him. They always run the ripples on Baptiste Lake. Well this past week they had taken the toboggan with them because they had packed a picnic lunch for the group. Jim thought that he would run the ripples with the toboggan still attached, after all it has skis on it just like the sled does so what could go wrong. Apparently the toboggan acts somewhat like an anchor. It flipped over, some stuff, not all, fell out and he just barley made it to the other side without sinking like the Titanic. So note to self, when running the ripples remove all towed objects first. I love it when someone does something more stupid than me. Kind of makes you feel like the only one without the hangover after the party.

We just had some riders in this morning heading from Harcourt Park to Pembroke. They found the trails to be in good shape.

Congrats to the MLSS club on another successful poker run. They had over 300 entries. It was a great day and a good fundraiser for the club. Perfect weather for having fun.

Well that's it for now. I'll keep up later in the week.



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