Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It must be February

By the look of the diner both today and yesterday at lunch time it must be February for sure.

There are finally some weekday riders out there. Great conditions this week. All the trails are groomed up nicely, the sun is shining, fresh snow has fallen. It's a sledders delight.

First off I would like to give my best to Eric M the sweet young guy that had the accident at the dam on Mink Lake last weekend. Eric is a seasoned rider that is in the diner often. It just goes to show how quickly accidents can happen. His surgery's went well and he is resting in an Ottawa hospital. Steve and his brother will keep me updated on his condition. All the best Eric-get well soon. We will be thinking of you.

Bill B was out today to stake Lake St. Peter. It had a couple of soft spots in it. I didn't speak to him after he finished but if anything is amiss I'll let you know. Great news for Bill too. He was able to get into the groomer this week after a long time out. They finally tricked the folks up the street. You sneaky little ninjas. Good job Bill.

My whining story for this week is not a real heart breaker but annoying all the same. I have a great ice maker we call Monty because he usually gives us the full Monty all the time. But this winter he seems to work like a trouper from Monday to Thursday popping out ice faster that we can use it. Then comes Friday and bingo-he goes for a crap. We are scrounging around for ice all weekend, unplugging and plugging him in to trick him into working again, then come Monday he steps up to the plate again. Go figure. Come on Monty give us your all!!!

Well there is not much to say in the sledding department that hasn't already been said. Great conditions, great weather (stop whining about the cold-how else do you think we will keep the snow), the road crossings are good and the side roads are snow covered.

It didn't snow today and I don't know what is in store for the week. I haven't had time to chat with the coffee boys that know all. I will be back later in the week with anything new and exciting that may or may not have happened.

Have a great week.

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