Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Another great weekend in the wilds of Lake St. Peter. Great weather, good snow and good trails. A little more snow would be great and I understand that it is coming in a day or two.
The groomers have been out every day or evening lately and our local trails are in great shape.

You can tell it's February. There are a lot of overnight riders around. I had a nice group in last night and this morning that had ridden from Eganville and other points over that way. They said that riding was good all the way. Thanks Gene for being a good sport. As always the abuse is always free at the diner. Another group passing through yesterday had taken a day trip from Dorset and were on their way back. They said trails were good all the way.

It looks like we will be in good shape snow wise for the long weekend this weekend.

Brian and Jim are regular visitors to the diner almost every weekend. I always pick on Brian because he makes it so easy. But this week it is Jim's turn. Jim and Brian each have 2006 Skidoos. Jims has a bigger engine than Brian's.

Now the fun starts.... Jim has spent more on repairs than he paid for the machine. 3 engines, 3 tracks and numerous other things that I can't even spell never mind remember. So it wasn't unusual to hear that for the third weekend in a row Jim had to be towed by Brian back to the cottage at Lake St. Peter. They are leaving for a week in Cochrane next week. Jim was not amused when I suggested that he take his wife's sled as a spare. He could just tow it until he needs it and then he would be good to go again. Have a good trip guys.

Now FYI if you have your sled stuck in a slushy spot (driver error) and five guys are trying to pull you out. Eventually you have to be pulled out by Jim (on his wife's sled now-he he). When you get out and still can't go anywhere don't keep trying until you blow a belt. TAKE THE PARKING BRAKE OFF FIRST!!!! True story. Oh the goings on at Mink Lake, it's something new every weekend.

That's all for today. I was scolded enough times this week about slacking off updating so I will be back by Thursday unless something exciting happens.

A big group in this morning said "Nothing but smiles today on the trails".

I still have gas available if you need it.

Have a great Valentines Day and weekend. If you are in the area drop by, we love to see you.


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