Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some snow is better than no snow

I was all ready to get excited yesterday when I woke up and it was snowing. It snowed most of the day and night. But it was just light flurries. It was enough to cover the ground well, a couple of inches. It is starting again but still light. The bright side is it isn't rain.

Riders in today were very pleased with the trails for the most part. The trail to Madawaska was just groomed today and is in great shape. A group is in now that just came across the hydro line from Haliburton. They said that it was choppy. I thought that was how you described the lake on a windy day, but what do I know.

The temperature is still mild but cold enough that the snow won't melt. Great sledding weather.

Bullwinkle the cat continues to amuse the guests by cruising the parking lot for the sled of his choice for a sit down.

My amusing story for the day is a guy in last night was wet from the seat of his sled. He asked if I had a hair dryer to dry his butt. I got the one from the house and he started to dry his pants. He has on those stretchy tight thingies. Probably the latest in fancy pants. A few minutes later he came over to show me that he had melted a very large hole in the butt of his pants. I am glad he thought it was funny. I'm sure the washing instructions said tumble dry low and don't use a blow dryer.

My whiny story for the day is I just burnt the crap out of a huge pot of chili that I was cooking. The burner was on too high, I got busy and forgot about it. I put pot and all out in a snowbank until tomorrow. I don't feel like dealing with it tonight. Besides there is no cook in now and I would have to wash the pot. Therefore that will be a tomorrow job. So no chili this weekend.

The snow has stopped now but the sky is really dark so it may start again.

Sorry the news isn't better but it could be a lot worse. I guess we will just have to make the best of it and go sledding anyway.

Hope to see you this weekend.

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sloaner745 said...

Hey Nancy... Just Found Your Blog... We Were Over There About The Beginning Of Feb/ End Of Jan. Great Food You Have There Too... Thanks For Your Updates... And What Happened At The Dam At Mink Lake? Thanks For Your Blog & I Will Continue To Be Back... P.s. Pray For More Snow, The Conditions This Weekend Were Very Limited... But, At least They Still Groomed Them... P.s. I Love Your Kitty