Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The gate must be up again.

It was a great long weekend for riders and the diner. Lots of people around. Good weather and good trail conditions. It was really busy everywhere.

Now that it is Tuesday it feels like someone put a gate up at Bancroft and is not letting anyone through. It is very quiet today. A great day for riding if you don't have to work. The groomers were out and few sledders are out. You would have the trails all to yourself.

We still need a little snow to improve things. Only snow flurries are predicted for this week. But who knows that can change in a heart beat. The temperature is not to go above plus 1 or 2 all week so we should be keeping the snow we have. The highway road crossings are looking a little slushy and dirty.

I'll get started on the snow dance so things get better for the weekend.

I had booming gas sales on the weekend which is a sad thing all the same. 19 jugs on Sunday alone. I may have big muscles by the end of the season lifting all those gas cans. Thanks to all the folks that are really good about only being able to get a small amount and still come back to Lake St. Peter.

And now a new pet peeve. This one is not mine, I am taking requests now. So don't be thinking that I just sit around thinking of things to bitch about.

A couple in this weekend that sled all the time are getting annoyed at all the oncoming riders that don't signal that there are riders behind them or when they are the last rider in the pack. This is a great help on the weekends when the trails are so busy. It is nice to know when someone will be coming around the corner. Even if you are going light speed you can take one hand off the handle bar for a second and give a quick signal. Remember people safety never takes a vacation.

Any further pet peeves may be delivered to me in person for publication on the blog.

They lady next door to me came over on Monday to ask that sledders do not jump the snow bank over the split rail fence into her back yard. I told here it wouldn't happen again. Don't disappoint me now.

There was one lucky sledder last week. I had given directions for gas in Maynooth. Apparently my directions were not all that good. They ended up going down the Peterson trail However all was not lost (or maybe it was). They came across a trail of stuff, wallet, camera, bathroom stuff and clothes. The three of them collected everything up and found two riders looking frantically for the lost articles. The guy was quite surprised when the new comers new the mans name without even having met him before. All items were returned however the cash was missing from the wallet and tossed off to the side. Now these folks were curious. There were T-shirts, socks and other stuff but no undies!!! hmmmm

Well that's it for today. No bone head stunts this weekend to report, no whining, no snow.

I'll be back Thursday unless something exciting happens.


See you soon

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