Monday, February 24, 2014

What a beautiful day today.  Yes it was a little cold but the sun makes everything look so much better.

The two blue groomers were out first thing this morning.  One went north and one went south. It is a beautiful sight to see big blue pull across the road and into the parking lot to smooth out the path from the trail to the diner.  About 4:00 the red one when out on its evening journey. 

It wasn't really busy today but all the riders in today said that the trails are in excellent shape. 

The cold temperatures and small skiff of snow are keeping things in good shape.  The road crossings are looking much better now.

I have a small rant today.  I know some of you are VERY important and contact with the outside world  through social networking is imperative, as is checking the weather even though you just came in from outside.  However is it too much to ask that you look at the menu BEFORE you check your facebook and email accounts.  I give you five or ten minutes arrive at the table to take your order and I get "O, I haven't even looked at the menu yet."  No kidding bucko, you've had your head glued to your phone.  Half the table is ready but Ren and Stimpy are still seeing how important they are.  Then when I get busy you get pissy  because I'm not at your beck and call!!! Then you want your bill NOW and I'm waiting for someone else to finish texting and on and on it goes.  Well now, that feels better.

Here's hoping that you and your phone can get up here for some mid week riding and enjoy these great conditions.

Back later in the week. 

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