Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Another long weekend (sort of) is here. Please if you are coming north this weekend would you do a sun dance or at least bring some hot weather.

If I ever get around to cutting the grass I'll need a hay baler. At least the wild flowers growing in the lawn look nice. And my tomatoes are going to be as tall as me soon. Oh I may have to put the planters on the deck to get that.

No excitement while I was away. Every body played nicely and there were no incidents. The only excitement this week was the rescue of the four kids that rolled a 4 wheeler over down a bank on Hwy 127. Four kids 2 about 14-15 and 2 about 8-10 were let out alone on two
atv's for a days adventure. They ended up in Lake St. Peter from Benoir Lake which is a fair trip. They were trying to get to Helmers Rd. so the drove down the Hwy. What the hell were the parents thinking!!!! Oh ya they were back at the rented cottage. The bike rolled down a bank at a culvert. Myself and three others helped get the bike out of the creek and I drove the kids back home. No one was hurt too much. Grandpa might not be too happy when his bike comes home though. Oh well it takes all kinds I guess.

Now for the good news, bad news. The general store up the highway has gone to power of sale sort of. The previous owners Dianne and Shamus will be taking it back over. It's a shame to see anyone lose their business but it will sure be nice to have a gas station back in town. They will also have more stuff in the food dept. It may take them a while to get all the shelves full again but I'm sure they will do a good job. They are back July 1 and the gas tank has already been filled.

I haven't been doing much deck research this week but the flies don't seem to be too bad which is good because the mosquitoes have come out to help. Until the temperature gets back closer to 30 degrees I'll be doing my research from inside the house for a while. I don't mind taking one for the team but let's not get silly.

Well here's hoping you head up north soon. We will be here waiting.


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