Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just another day in happy land.

I would like to know who turned the heat down. It would be appreciated by all if you would turn it back up!!

It has been quite cold of late. At least most days are sunny so that is not too bad. Not too much rain lately, just threats. So I guess the weather man is finally right with his daily forecast of partly sunny with a chance of showers. Rewind and play for 6 months until it changes to partly sunny with a chance of flurries.

Well my sad and touching story today is there is no sad and touching story nor were there any bonehead plays this weekend. I thought for sure that with Jim and Brian having a guys weekend ATVing that something exciting would have happened. But alas they let me down.

We had a great Friday night with Jane, Bob and Victor. All of their biggest fans showed up for the farewell performance. We had a blast. They played until after 11 and a good time was had by all.

The black fly report is looking good. They haven't been bad at all for the last little while. Now they may have headed to Florida for a few weeks until we get the heat thing figured out. Sadly I have not been able to continue my wine on the deck research because if the cool nights lately but rest assured I am keeping in shape by partaking in the house where there usually aren't many black flies but research must continue!!

It's still quite during the week but I'm seeing more cottagers each week.

Not much more to report. Of course I'll think of something as soon as I log off.

Back next week unless something earth shattering happens.


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