Friday, June 04, 2010

Another great week in the wilds of Lake St. Peter. A little rain has freshened everything up and the gardens are looking great. Not mine in particular because I think that gardening is an extension of house work and I don't like to do either. I can't believe that some people actually think that it is therapy. It's just another chore to me. Volunteers encouraged!!

We are looking forward to another great weekend. We have a special treat this Friday night. Bob, Jane and Victor are playing. It's kind of their farewell performance as Bob and Jane will be moving to Nova Scotia shortly. We will miss them. They are great performers. I hope that they hook up with someone down there and continue to entertain. Now if we could just get Victor to partner up with someone else that would be a real treat.

The log home on the lodge property is up now and looks great. Not to be outdone by the Wal Mart story but Honeydoo's sent a letter to the editor of the Bancroft Times last week suggesting that a Tim Hortons go on the property that they own next to the lodge property. What we won't do for some cheesy free publicity.

The black flies aren't gone but they sure aren't too bad. We have been lucky this year. As a test I sat out on the deck with a glass of wine last night after work to see how bad they were. I was pleasantly surprised. They let me finish my wine and start another. I know it is a tough way to have to judge them but I will continue with my experiment until they are gone. Only because I know you are all so interested in the results. If I am still running this test in November you must stop me.

I have had a few customers in that say this is the earliest that they have been in swimming because the water temp is so nice.

Not too much new other than all the new homes that are being built this year. There seems to be a lot of property for sale this year and it is moving quickly.

Not touching stories or whining this week. I'll be back next week maybe something exciting will happen this weekend. After Jim and Brian are up on a guys weekend. They are bound to get into trouble some where. Oh Connie, bless your strong heart. It must be tough always being the responsible adult.

Oops customers in, gotta go. Back soon.


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