Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It was a fairly quiet weekend in LSP last week. But I'm happy to report that the weather has smartened up some days so that the black fly research can continue on the deck.

My findings for this week-THEY'RE STILL HERE!!!!! Not so bad though. On Sunday when it was hot they weren't bad at all during the day but just after dinner when my guests and I were sitting outside they got a little friendly. Oh well it was time for them to go home any way.

The Wal-Mart sign is still causing alot of buzz. He He He.

Our little neighbourhood turkey now has four chicks. If she doesn't stop crossing the highway she won't have any soon.

If anything really exciting has happened lately I either forgot about it or missed it completely. The farmers market in Maynooth is doing really well on Saturday mornings. There is a guy there that sells homemade bread that is made is a stone or clay (whatever) oven outside. Last Friday he baked 40 loaves of bread outside in the rain. Oh is it ever good. He sells out by about 10:00 each Saturday. The homemade jams and stuff are also good. One couple sell Diabetic jam and lots of it.

When I publish next week it will just be rumors and hearsay. I am heading down to Nova Scotia tomorrow to see my grandson. It has been almost year. At least they are getting closer to home with each move. An hour and a half plane ride is much better than the flight to Reno. Much less expensive too. He works away in Mongolia so his sister and I are visiting while he is gone. At least I won't be getting into any trouble this trip with two pregnant women and a three year old. Oh who am I trying to kid. Trouble follows me everywhere I go especially when I'm with my daughter.

Well back next week with more news from down town Lake St. Peter.


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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a safe trip. I guess Karen (my sister) ran into Lisa, Glen, and Heather at a mall yesterday. Maybe see you on the long week-end. Mike Alguire