Monday, July 12, 2010

July is turning out to be not a bad month. Good weather for the most part. Yes I do consider a heat wave good weather. For the first time in the restaurant business that I can remember it was actually hotter outside than in the kitchen. We had to close the door to keep the heat out. The kitchen door is always open unless it's snowing.

The lake is really warm, the people are happy and smiling, the mosquitoes are happy and smiling. It doesn't get any better than that.

This is old news because it happened a week ago but I have had two firsts last week. The grass was getting very long and I had to suck it up and cut it myself. So my daughter delivered their riding lawn mower, we unloaded it with the help of Kevin A from the trailer park because we couldn't get the truck close enough to the hill and away I went. Well after a bit of trial and error off I went. I was very nervous at first but I figured I've been riding sleds and ATV's for years how scary can this be. As it turns out once you get the hang of it not scary at all. However those indestructible dog bones-ha I think not, and who knew orange snow fence could fly so far. So after all was said and done I rode my little orange tractor around the fence to Marty's and had a cold one with him. Well that's what he always does when he is finished I just thought that must be part of the job. Turns out I was right. Go figure!!!

My next feat was to make a pot of coffee at home. Now I can throw together a dinner for 50 without breaking into a sweat but ask me to make a pot of coffee in a non-commercial coffee maker and I get the shakes. Well after only two phone calls (one to find out how it turns on) I was able to make a half decent cup of coffee for a guest I had coming over one morning. Now, a second cup was not asked for but I'm sure it had nothing to do with the quality. If I'm lucky it will be another 56 years before I have to do that again. I don't like the pressure.

There haven't been many ATV's out this summer but lots of people that have just found out that the riding is great here.

Diane and Shamus area going a great job since they have taken the store back over. We can call it a convenience store again not an inconvenience store. They even have gas if you can imagine, they are open past 4 o'clock and not closed because of the flu on Sundays.

The music is still going strong on Saturday evenings starting at 6:30. We have a few new people playing this summer. Here's hoping they are good. My screening process is a little slack but we have been pretty lucky so far.

Thanks to Connie and Jim for having me over for cocktails a swim and the boat ride. It was a great time. I hope I was a good girl and can come back again. Thanks also to Brian and Jim for installing the AC in the dining room window.

Now is that soccer finally over? I have seen more soccer in the last few weeks than in my whole life. It was nice to have some fans in to watch the games though. Most of the time they were all cheering for the same team so there were no bar room brawls.

Well I'd better run. There are dinner people in and looking for service.

Back when something more exciting than me cutting the grass happens.


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Mother how many times have Dave and I told you to edit your posts before you post