Monday, May 31, 2010

Here it is the end of May already. Where do the days go?

The second season of the year is now upon us. That would be Yard Sale season. On my drive to Bancroft on the long weekend Saturday there must have been 15 yard sales just on the highway alone, never mind all the side roads. If you stopped at all of them you wouldn't get home until after dark.

The long weekend was great for the cottagers. We weren't too busy at the diner because the weather was so beautiful why would anyone want to go out to eat.

It is the first May long weekend that you could sit at a bonfire without a ski jacket!!!!

This past weekend was just as beautiful. But who ever says that a few days of good hot weather will kill off the black flies must have been smoking something and not sharing with the class. We have had really hot weather and the little buggers are still here. Not as bad as some years but here all the same. Even the deer flies are out.

I was able to sit out on my back deck on Sunday with the Star crossword for a long time and not be pestered by the flies. It was great. Then my daughter and son-in-law showed up with the granddogs and all hell broke loose. Running around in the long grass (that needs to be cut) stirring the little rascals up. Then after a trip to the pond for a swim they brought the deer flies home with them. There is nothing like a wet black dog to attract deer and horse flies. We weren't long heading inside then.

The Walmart coming soon sign on the Lodge property has created a lot of buzz. It's amazing how gullible some people are. It even caught the attention of the Bancroft Times last week. There was an article complete with a picture. It has been a lot of fun though. Kudos to Warren and Norm for the good idea and to Jeff for the sign.

Speaking of the lodge property, the logs arrived today for the new house being built on the property. It should look really good and be finished in no time.

Someone had the boat launch at Dog's Point on Lake St. Peter blocked off by the township with big boulders preventing access to the water. It only took one person to make the change with no consideration for others that do not have lake front property. You could still walk down but that was about all. It only took one day to have the situation reversed. Kudos to Ted for getting things rolling. He only had to get a memo with two signatures to have it reversed. In less than 48 hours he had at least 50 with more to follow. The little people still have a say. YEA!!!

Bark Lake still has not been filled up because of the low water levels. It is an amazing site. There are docks that are 50-100 feet away from the water. Some are 10 feet and more off the ground. It will be interesting to see if the level is ever up this year. I feel badly for the business that are on the river and are being held hostage by the weather.

Not much else to report. I'll do a black fly update later in the week or early next week.


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