Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Well it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here until the rain Sunday hit.  Now it just looks like the end of March.

It is to be mild for most of the week.  So let's all get out there and do the snow dance.  We need snow.  This mild damp weather is painful!!  Come on people shake what your mama gave you.  I can't do this all by myself.

The new Case groomer arrived back in LSP on the weekend.  It was looking good until Lionel went out to start it so that the engine would be warm when they unloaded it from the float.  When he shut the door of the groomer the front window exploded out all over the front of it.  Some assembly required before grooming. 

Don't forget the Santa Claus Parade in Maynooth next weekend.  5:00 pm and lots of activities going on in town all day. 

The new guys have taken over the Arlington Hotel in Maynooth.  They are planning some events including live music on Dec 8  in the evening after the parade.  If you can imagine it will be opened during the day and even on the weekends!! Go figure.  Good luck guys I hope you do well.

They will also be open to sledders for accommodation and drinks.  Limited food for now but gas just accross the road and lots of parking for trucks and trailers.

I am going away next Friday for one week so no updates even if it does snow.

That's it for now.
Get that shopping done.

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