Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Okay two updates in one day.  I have to respond to the two comments that were put up on the previous blog.

To anonymous-When you ask me how many inches of snow is here what would you like me to do.  Trot outside with my yard stick and measure. When eight inches of snow fall today it settles into four inches of snow tomorrow.  I write descriptively not specifically.  When I say if you haven't had your cottage driveway plowed you will be walking in picture  in your mind how much snow that would be!!!  If you are a sledder and they are grooming realize that that is enough snow to go sledding.  I could measure the 1 to 3 foot snow banks (depending on where they plowed or the 1 inch left in the driveway.  I am slopping through the side yard to measure.  If you want specifics call Frankie whats his name from BT and ask how many inches have fallen.

To the guy that wants pictures you have not read previous blogs where I talk about being technically challenged.  It is all that I can to to sync my iPhone and iPad.  I do take pics and if I figure out how to load them I don't know how to get them back later.  I never figure out what a jpg1234566789 is.

I will try for pics because it does look beautiful and if you are not able to come  up it would be nice to see.

So people keep in mind that I am a dotty owner with a sharp tongue and no patience.  I do not run the LSP weather station.  I will do my best to keep you informed.  Keep the comments coming though they do amuse me.

Thank you for letting me rant once more.  (Smiley face here if I knew how to do it).



Terry said...

Hi Nancy
Thank you for the posts...they are entertaining and informative..I hope the "newbies" working for you are still there when we come up in the spring...then we can rate a great day.

Mike said...

Hi Nancy,

thanks for the posts ... although I am not likely to be back at the lake until March I read your log regularly .. -19 !! yikes !!

Have a great week ..


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy, It's Bill from Eagle Lake saying thanks for the updates and hope to see you soon for lunch. Don't get to upset about the requests for "measuremnets" it's a guy thing it's easier for us to understand numbers.

Karen said...

Hey Mike from Eagle Lake,
LOVED your measurement comment :) (colon then bracket, Nancy)

We are coming up for tobogganing. Can you send me directions on FB? Thanks so much for all the updates. I may not comment, but I do read them always.
Karen (Chris & Ryan)

Karen said...

Sorry,,, just re-read and meant to say "Bill from Eagle Lake"