Tuesday, March 13, 2012

That's all she wrote. The fat lady is singing. It's all over but the crying. That's all I can think of!!


The stakes were pulled off of Lake St. Peter yesterday. There is still a lot of snow around but the trails look like a bad skating rink. There were one or two sleds out yesterday but you would have to be right at the trail to start.

We had a great run once it started.

I would like to thank all the sledders that supported the diner all winter. Without you guys I wouldn't be open. Sledders are the best. Thank you for your patience when we got so busy we don't know if we were coming or going. I know that sometimes you have a long wait for meals when we get slammed and most often nothing is said (at least to my face). You are all pretty understanding.

Thank you also for all of the"atta girls" you give me for posting trail conditions. It is nice to know that people are reading the updates and it encourages me to continue. It is also nice to see just how many of you have a warped sense of humor just like myself.

I am hoping that with the double digit temps this week all of the snow will be gone. If you are coming to the cottage you will not be able drive in if you haven't had your driveway plowed this winter. If you did have it plowed there will most likely not be any snow in the driveway. It is leaving fairly quickly in the plowed areas.

We walked into the hunt camp on Sunday and when you go through the snow it is still up past your knees, higher if you are short!

When we went for our walk this morning the dog went into the creek for the first time. I'm not sure if it was by accident or on purpose but he wasn't long getting out. I tried to keep him out of the bedroom when we got back home but alas I didn't win that one and he was on the bed before I realized it and now the duvet is all wet and stinky. Will I never learn. I seem to say that a lot. Apparently I will never learn.

Don't forget our ATV mud run on April 28. It should be lots of fun.

Again thanks for a great season. I'll see some of you over the summer but I hope I see all of you next winter.

I will be back later in the week.


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the great reports! much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the weekly up dates through the winter,your posts were very much appreciated.I'm sure a lot of sleders would have stayed home if not for your website.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy,
Sorry we missed the walk on Wed., but well 7am is not vacation time wake up for us. Even though we don't have a sled (yet) we love your updates. Thanks for a great time at your restaurant on Tuesday, and looking forward to seeing you lots!
Karen & Chris

Anonymous said...

Your doing a great Job with this blog , Its the first thing I look at when I get on the web each day !! keep it up please , on to the black fly reports .
More info on this April 28th mud run please ...sounds like fun .

Peter said...

It was a late start to this winter, no doubt, but it actually turned out pretty good (the snow conditions were great, for the short time we had it!). Thanks again, for all of your updates. The OFSC should learn that people like written reports (like yours, and like theirs USED TO BE) instead of "guessing" what their interpretation of the colour "yellow" means?!

We made it in there a few times this winter (at the back of one of the lengthy "conga lines" at least once!) but service was still great, and so was the food. You gals do a great job!

Make sure to say "thanks" to the local MLSS club guys that are always in there. They did really good with the trails (given the lack of snow) as they always do.

Cheers, and see you next winter! :)

Peter from Oshawa