Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The cold temperatures are keeping the trails in great condition. One mild day and one day of rain is expected this week but even that shouldn't have a very big effect on the trails with the condition they are in now.

Keeping in mind that a long range forecast is about 15 minutes into the future up here. Anything can happen by Wednesday.

The groomers were out last night and again this morning. I haven't had any riders in yet today to ask about other areas but there were riders in from Haliburton yesterday that said it was perfect from here to there.

So nothing new to add, no touching stories and the only bonehead play last week was made by me when I left a beautiful pot of beef barley soup on the burner, got busy serving and forgot about it. Pat B the cook noticed it when it started to smell burnt. Oh well, dump that batch. That is why I was in at 6:30 Saturday, to make a new pot of soup for the day.

Just a reminder to sledders that there is an ATV Mud Run at the diner on April 28. So if you like mud, and you like to have fun come on out. It is a great day. Good ride, good food, good fun, good prizes, good company!!! I hope you can join us.

I will be back Thursday morning to let you know what the weather is doing.

Here's hoping we get another couple of weeks of great riding. I haven't even had to use the term "spring like conditions" yet. Yea!!! Well I hardly consider -24 (which it was again this morning) spring like but that may be just me. Others may disagree.

I hope to see you soon.

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