Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has sprung,
The grass is riz,
I wonder where the birdies is!!!

What a wonderful weekend and the week ahead looks even better.

I went for my first ATV ride on Sunday. It was a blast. There was still so much snow in the bush that you could have sledded. It is so nice to see spring trying to emerge. There was water running everywhere with the melting snow. Some times the back end of the bike didn't want to go in the same direction as the front and that made things interesting. I was glad to add the comic relief to the trip by hitting the ditch twice. I rolled it once and discovered that it is so much nicer to land in ditch full of snow rather than a ditch full of dirt, stones and water. My next ditching was more graceful. I just slipped off the trail in the soft snow and ended up more than knee deep in a big mud puddle disguised as a snow bank. Oh well the winch got me out no problem and we were on our way again. Brian now wants to ride behind me instead of in front because he misses all the entertainment. The upside was that there was no dust.

It amazing how quickly the bottom dropped out of snowmobiling. We were so busy two weekends ago with sledders and last weekend poof it's gone.

This great weather should dry everything up sooner rather than later. We were even able to rake a winters worth of dog poop from the back yard. Three trips to the bush with the wheel barrel. Next dog I get I will be scooping up after with a teaspoon and a soup can not a rake and a snow shovel!!!

The creeks are all running really fast and Boulter Lake Rd. is flooded over at the culvert. Even the dog didn't stay in the creek long this morning. The current was much stronger than on the weekend and it made him nervous.

Let's all think positive thoughts. If this heat wave would continue for a mere 60 or 75 more days we might not have any black flies this year. Not to worry though, I will still continue my research on the deck and give regular report.

Ah-hope springs eternal in my little mind and sometimes the sun is a different colour in my world. But I am not alone. I know there are others of you with me!!

Well that's it for my pears of wisdom for today.

Don't forget about our mud run on April 28. It should be fun.

Until next time.

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