Friday, March 09, 2012

I had to go and jinx the whole season by saying in my last post that we haven't had spring like conditions yet.

Will I never learn. Tuesday's high temperatures caused a bit of a melt down and Wednesday's rain didn't help either. However it was -10 this morning when I went for my walk. The rail bed is frozen and icy with a little skiff of snow on top.

There were three riders in early this morning for breakfast. They wanted to be sure to get a ride in just in case things went for a crap later this week. No complaints. Things are still okay but it is icy. They were heading for Pembroke and will fill me in tomorrow when they get back.

We are expecting a little snow today and tomorrow. That should make a big difference. No grooming was done last night.

If you still want to get another ride in this would be the weekend. If it gets as mild as they are predicting next week that may be a problem. We all know that weather predictions are not the most reliable things so we will just see.

If I'm not back tomorrow nothing new has happened. I will be back Sunday for sure.

Have a great March break. I hope we see some of you over the next week.


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