Thursday, April 28, 2011

I can't believe how fast this week is going. Well I guess is isn't going as quickly as I thought. I was in town first thing this morning for my 9:15 appointment that isn't until Friday!!! Oh well between the storms it was a nice day for a drive.

Speaking of storms construction on the ARK will start on Saturday the only nice day we will have any time soon. You get one nice day and pay for it for three. This time around there will be no Black Flies or Mosquitoes invited for the ride!!!

Reports in yesterday and this morning say that the ice is now almost off Lake St. Peter and Mink Lake. Some is just blowing around onto the shoreline. Other than where the plow left banks all the snow is pretty well gone. Just some spots that the sun doesn't hit for long.

The creeks are quite high and there is a lot of standing water in the ditches etc. A great breeding ground for the pesky mosquitoes that are already starting to show up. Not biting just flying around.

All and all it is starting to look like spring time. The grass has turned green overnight and my chive plant that had one sprout yesterday is nearly in full growth today.

High Country Lodge is having their ATV run this weekend. And the local ATV club will be having their first fun ride Saturday May 7th and a trail brushing/clean up on Saturday, May 14. Both events start at the Bekkers on Boulter Lake Rd. and end with a BBQ back there also.

Things are still pretty quiet. Not much to report just yet. It was nice to see some of the cottagers and summer people up on Easter Weekend. Keep on coming.

That's it for now.
Back soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy

Could you email me any info you have on the local ATV club you speek of , my wife and I are long time snowmobilers and new to the atv world this spring and would like to hook up with a club around the area .

Thank you