Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When will the madness end??? One nice day is rewarded with three inches of freezing rain, snow, ice pellets and other assorted crap falling from the sky. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Let's bring on spring or if not- just jump right into summer.

I saw a few robins this morning with their little suitcases packed heading back down south until things get back to normal.

The ice is still on the lakes with not much sign of leaving. This is very late for the ice to be so thick.

We were just lucky enough to be a few hours ahead of the storms hitting North and South Carolina on Saturday and Sunday only to arrive home to a white out snow storm between Maynooth and Lake St. Peter. Had a great trip. Had my purse stolen and then returned a few hours later a little lighter by with the ID still inside. I hope when I grow up I can take care of my stuff better.

It's pretty quiet around town this week. Not much happening. Not even any ATV's out yet. If you are coming up for the first time this weekend you will notice that the Price Chopper in Bancroft has closed down. It is being renovated and turned into a Food Land opening in the next week or two. It has been closed since the first of March. At last we will have a real grocery store in town.

Well not much else to report. I hope the Easter Bunny is good to all even if he has to borrow Santa' s sleigh and the eight tiny Reindeer.

The diner will be open Good Friday and Easter Sunday with music on Saturday evening just in case you don't feel like cooking.

I look forward to seeing the summer people soon. Think sunshine and rainbows!


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Lost in Lake St Peter said...

You are fibbing a bit about the purse being stolen, you forgot it on a park bench and it was not there when you returned 45min later. You always seem to forget that little detail when telling the story