Sunday, May 02, 2010

It rained on my parade-AGAIN!!!

After three months of no rain and dusty trails, when does it rain. Of course-on the day of my ATV run. I've been told that if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.

The run went well even with a small turn out. Only about 55 entries. At least it didn't rain all day just for a short time in the afternoon.

Here's a shout out to Jim Hodder from Barrie. He won first prize in the run and donated all the money back to the ATV Club. What a nice thing to do. I wouldn't have thought of that. They were thrilled with the donation.

Another shout out goes to Norm Stringer who upon receiving is winnings for second place immediately bought the house a round of drinks. Yea Norm. I'll let him win cash more often.

Just a little bad news. The black flies are back. They are not too hungry yet just swarming and being annoying.

So far the fishing has been great for everyone that has been out, except for Norm S. He has been out a dozen times and comes home with nothing but a sore butt. Better days ahead Norm. I can say what I want about Norm, he doesn't have a computer so he will never know if I don't tell him.

Well I'm taking most of today off so I end now so that I can go and find something exciting to do.

Back soon

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Anonymous said...

How are the black flies are they out in full force been watch the post thing must be so you have not had any in 2 weeks