Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Well this weekend may have been the last. There is still good snow in the bush and for the most part the rail bed is good. The problem is getting to the trail. The side roads are as clear as the highway is.

The beautiful days have really taken the snow down. On Friday you couldn't see the parking lot for snow. By Sunday we are down to the pavement on most of it.

The stakes were taken on Lake St. Peter and Baptiste Lake this week, so the lake crossing is closed officially.

We had a few sledders in yesterday but none today.

One last sad and touching story. Brian, Jim and a buddy went on their annual trip up north. Jim had all the bus routes planned out so that when the inevitable happened he would be ready. Well you guessed it he blew up his sled AGAIN, this time between Cochrane and Smooth Rock Falls. A 50 mile tow to civilization ended in not a bus ride the the train back to New Liskard for the truck to pick up the dead sled. Now he was warned a few weeks ago to take his wife's sled as a back up. But did he NOOOOO!!!!! I think that this might be the last straw. Towed in four times in the last six or eight weeks on top of all of last years repairs. He may just retire to Skidoo and switch brands.

Not to worry Jim. It's almost time to get the ATV out you have so much better luck with that. Brian even sent me a picture of the dreaded tow to insert. If I was more computer savey I would share it with you but alas I just know enough to get myself in trouble.

The impending rain promised for the weekend may be the end of another sledding year. I will be back next week unless something earth shattering happens.

I started this on Tuesday and it is now Wednesday morning so I guess I'm finished. Thank goodness this stuff just saves itself so that I can find it later even when others have used the computer. Life is good.

If you are doing the St Paddys Day thing this weekend have a blast. If you are on the way to the cottage for March Break we will be here.

Back Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Nancy for all the winter updates....
It takes a lot of time I am sure but it sure is good reading....