Monday, March 29, 2010

Just when we thought that spring was just around the corner Mother Nature showed her crabby side and dumped some snow on us last night. Now not enough to get excited and load up the sleds but snow all the same.

It was starting to get so nice.

The good weather has brought out the ATV's and a nice weekend should get people up to the cottages this weekend. The lake was nicely breaking up when it got so cold on Thursday and Friday that it froze over again. It should start melting again now because it is only about 2 -3 degrees.

The Porterville Diner had it's 15 minutes of fame in the Toronto Sun last Friday. Mark Bonokoski did an article about us and Jane Seary, a lady with a fabulous voice that sings with two friends often on Saturday night. It was a great story that can be found at Click on Mark's column. In my little world that was pretty exciting.

Other than that it's still pretty quiet here. I will be away for 10 days starting this Friday so there will be no witty banter during that time on the blog.

I hope you all have a nice Easter or Passover and get to do just what you want to.

Don't forget the ATV Mud Run on May 1.


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metrojoe said...

Nice Blog Nancy. Maybe have a career writing for Snow Trax. Home on the 30th. See you on the 1st when I get up north..Metro