Friday, March 05, 2010

Spring Riding At It's Best

This week has been great riding. Cool sunny days and cold nights.

On my way home from Pembroke last night I saw the groomer coming out of Barrys Bay heading into the bush to who knows where. The trail following beside Hwy 62 had been groomed the night before and there were not tracks on it yet. There were one or two bare spots on the trail to Barry's Bay but you would have no trouble going around them off the trail. There was lots of room.

I walked across the road this morning to check out the rail bed. It was freshly groomed well frozen and not a track on it.

This weekend may be rough on the trails but I don't think that we are through with snow yet.

Check in on Monday for and update after the weekend traffic. Let's hope it holds up.

We will see you if you are by.


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