Monday, March 01, 2010

Another great sledding weekend up here in the wilds of Lake St. Peter. We had a substantial dumping of snow late last week that was well needed. I think that some of the locals have put a hit out on me for doing the successful snow dance. Some folks are getting tired of the snow. I am way too happy about it.

It would be nice to keep the snow through March at least the March break if we could. I must admit it was nice to see the sun out for a while today.

It is to get quite mild during the day this week but go below zero every evening. The rail bed was all groomed up nicely last night. It was well frozen before any traffic was on it.

It is pretty quiet today so conditions will stay mint. Mid week riding should be great this week.

There were a lot of long distance riders out this weekend. We had two guys that had ridden over from Gravenhurst among other places. Lots are riding from Dorset and there are many groups doing the RAP tour. You can tell that it is getting late in the season. The groups are getting smaller mostly twos and fours. Not so many large groups.

My touching story is about the guy a week ago that had just left the diner and the OPP were waiting for him on the other side of the trail. His sled was in the shop for repairs and a new windshield. He was given a new demo sled from the dealership to try out for the weekend. Sadly it didn't have a permit on it. He had all the paperwork from his own sled even the green paper from his permit. The cocky one was going to charge him with everything from trespassing to no permit and anything else in between. The final tally was reduced to $200.00. He was not too pleased. I know you should have a permit and all that. Who's responsibility should it have been, the dealer or the rider? Maybe he should have purchased a 3 day, if you can find one now. They are pretty hard to come by sometimes. None the less it was an unfortunate incident. Makes people angry at the police for possibly over reacting. Makes sledding too expensive for most people with extra expenses like that.

Well that's all the news that is fit to print. Back later in the week with the weather report.


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