Friday, July 27, 2012

The weekend is here.  The rain that we got on Wednesday was not enough to make a difference but better than none.  The weather forecast has changed for the weekend now just sun for five or six more days.  Now I'm not complaining about the sun it's great and I love the heat but we do need some rain.

And the internet saga continues.  I have now put a sign on the front door explaining the internet charges.  $5.00 fee if you do not purchase a meal.  Free internet is available at the Maynooth library and McDonald's in Bancroft.  Fairly easy to understand.  This should clear everything up.  The last straw was Monday night at when a man came in with his computer and ordered a coffee.  He must have been here before because he seemed to know the drill but I didn't recognize him.  I made a fresh pot of coffee, poured him one and after an hour he got up to leave and said, "I want to pay for my coffee."  I said, "The internet is $5.00 I'll buy your coffee and then had to through out the rest of the pot because nobody else had coffee that night.  However  Professor Internet Stealer  showed up, walked in the front door, read the sign, spun around and left faster than I've ever seen anybody move. So I guess that is another chapter in the book of life.

Needless to say the fire ban is still in effect and there is still some water left in the lake for frolicking.

The Cullens are playing this Saturday 6:30 til 9:30.  They always sound great. So come on out and join us since you can't have a campfire. I wonder if the fire ban has got more people to drag out the old Monopoly or Scrabble games?

Have a great weekend

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