Thursday, August 09, 2012

Whew-The long weekend has come and gone and it feels like August is almost over.  I notice it getting darker in the evening and the mornings are duller now.  I came over this morning about 5:45 and it was barely light. 

We are finally getting the long needed rain this week.  It is not enough to life the fire ban yet because it just rains for such a short time then stops. 

The internet theft continues and so do the games that go with it.  I wonder if this could ever be an Olympic sport.  Now sneaky thieves are coming to the diner after 8:00.  Do they not think that I won't come over in my PJ's and unplug the system.  A woman came by three times yesterday.  Twice during the day and once after 8:00.  Now wouldn't it just have been easier to come in, spend $5.00 do whatever it is you have to do and be done with it.  It was a lovely day.  Who wants to get in the car and drive over here three times just to steal internet.  Really some people do not put enough value on their free time.  Just like the Olympics ending so will this game.  I am learning how to change the password and will do it regularly.

But just when you think you have seen it all, and I really should know better, someone comes in to add to the list.  I had a couple in here to use the internet this morning and they wanted to share a cup of tea.  Seriously how do you share a cup of tea when you both want your own cup to drink from?  Give me strength before my head explodes!!!!!

Our second annual float down the creak has to be rerouted.  There is not enough water in the creek to float down.  So we have decided to float from the culvert at the north end of Lake St. Peter down to the culvert on the South Rd.  So if you see a bunch of yahoos this Saturday (weather permitting) you can either join us or just wave knowing that we will be gone soon.  I hope the weather cooperates we have been looking forward to this for a long time. 

That's it for this week.  If I don't drown on the weekend I will be back next week.


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