Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mother nature is either on drugs or suffering from dementia. It was 15 degrees yesterday when I went for my walk and 0 this morning. What is up with that?

We had a great weekend in spite of the weatherman saying all week that it was going to rain. It didn't until about six o'clock Sunday night. Thank goodness it was my daughter BBQing and not me.

We had such a wind storm yesterday. There was a wide spread power outage. It was only out for about an hour on the highway but the backside of Lake St. Peter still wasn't on by this afternoon. I didn't speak to anyone from Mink so don't have any info. Paudash Lake and parts of Maple Leaf are also still out. Hydro One has been very busy earning their keep today.

It's still pretty quiet around. Cottage construction has started up. There are different contractors in daily, so things must be getting rolling.

The turtles have even started laying their eggs on the side of the road. That is really early for them. They don't usually lay until mid May and June.

The people that own Highland Wilderness Tours in East Lake Rd. have started doing ATV tours as well as horseback riding. So keep this in mind if you have company up this summer and they are looking for something to do, or maybe you just want to get rid of them for the day. It is a great way to try out the sport if you haven't done it before. I will mention this again in July and August as a reminder. They have been in business a long time and are very good at what they do.

We that is about it for now. Back next week unless something exciting happens.


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