Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It's been a week since my last blurb. I don't know where the time goes even though we are not busy. I think that someone must have put a gate up in Bancroft and is not letting anyone pass.

I am happy to report that both dogs are back safe and sound. In true beagle fashion after driving around in the bush for a few more hours when the guys got back to the camp there was Rusty laying beside the truck with the what took you so long look on his face. Buddy looked like he had been on a three day bender and slept for 3 more days, Rusty although he didn't come out of the doghouse for a day or two would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Dogs!!!

Spring is here for sure. The days are much longer. The Herons are back on the lake and nesting. There are a few docks in the lake already and I have started wearing my sandals regularly even if there were a few snow flurries today.

For those of you coming up 127 for the first time you will notice construction signs in two places.
There is repair work being done on both bridges. They were putting up stop lights today to control the traffic havoc that will surely occur during the construction. A mild inconvenience but I'm sure we will all live through it. It will be interesting to get and under the bridge look at the progress when we paddle down the creek in May.

I have a bit of traveling to do this weekend just day trips but lengthy all the same. I have some new staff starting also this weekend so be nice-they are new and I don't want you scaring them!!!!

It looks like it is going to be a great weekend weather wise. So the Easter Bunny shouldn't have any trouble getting the job done.

If you are up to the lake I hope we see you. If not have enjoy a nice long weekend.

Don't forget the ATV run on April 28. We are getting lots of inquiries. I hope to make it about a four hour ride. It should be fun.

That's it for now. Back after the weekend I hope with some exciting stories. So someone do something exciting so we can chuckle about it.


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