Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well finally it snowed. We got about six inches last night with more coming tomorrow and the day after. Added to what we already had is a pretty good amount. I had to have the lot plowed today and I just sent Norm out to shovel. Well he did volunteer. No maybe it was voluntold. Oh well whatever the shoveling is getting done.

Two sledders rode up from Bancroft on Monday and a family rode in from Lake St. Peter today. I have seen others riding up the rail bed. There is a group at White Pines and they even went out on the lake which was not very smart. There is only a few inches of ice so far.

No word when grooming will start until there is more snow, but I will sharing as soon as I hear something.

That's all the good news there is for now.

Back in a day or two with an update.


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