Saturday, December 04, 2010

Well-The weather outside was frightful.

And---It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Even better we had our first two sledders in last night.

Now let's not get all excited but if there isn't any more rain and the snow stays things will be looking good soon.

We have had three dumps of snow, all substantial but a couple days of rain washed it all away. SOOOOOOO Let's hope that this one is here to stay.

It is a great day today. The sun has finally peaked out and it is quite cool.

I'm not sure if my snow plow guy has left town or just hasn't taken the snow fall seriously. But if he doesn't show up soon he will be my ex-snow plow guy!!!

The water in the lakes and creeks is higher than anyone can remember because of all the rain and the pesky beavers. The culvert on the highway just past the diner is blocked up and is being repaired. The guy fixing it wanted to start Monday so that the trail wouldn't be all dug out over the weekend. They were working on it Friday, so let's hope it gets finished soon.

The trail should be smoother now though because the snowmobile club and the township both graded the rail bed.

The diner will be closed at 3:00 pm next Saturday, Dec. 11 because of the Santa
Claus parade in Maynooth. We are putting in a float and then we arranged for music to be at the ANAF in Maynooth afterward so that we can have a little party. So join us for the festivities next weekend. The parade starts at 5:00 pm and the carry on some time after that.

Well I'd better end now. It has started snowing again. Shelia will be getting all cranky because she is already tired of shoveling it. Feel free to pick on her the next time you are in if she starts whining.

See you soon.

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