Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Greetings from the land where rubber boots are considered casual footwear.

It is with great regret I report that grooming has come to a halt until more snow falls. I don't know the reason for this I just know it is so.

The weather is mild to day and yesterday also. Rain is in the forecast and the only time it is right is when it's something we don't want.

None the less it has been really busy the last couple of days and there are no real complaints about the trails. The rail bed is getting beaten up but bush trails are not too bad.

No point in blathering on when the news is bad so I'll end here.

I will update as soon as conditions improve unless there is a touching story to share.

Have a great and safe New Year. I hope to see you back soon.

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L said...

Hi Nancy....I know that the weather is not looking the best for the weekend but whenever we go to our cottage up there we always have fun. I thought that the folks at the Porterville diner may be able to help me out. We do not know too many people in the area but do know that our driveway is likely full of snow. Do you know of anyone who would could do some snow plowing/blowing? Well here's to hoping the rain changes to snow during our weekend in South Algonquin. Beer always tastes good no matter the weather.

Cheers, happy new year and thanks in advance