Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The picnic tables on Monday after the big snow fall

Well it goes without saying that we got snow. However unlike other parts of the province we get our snow in sensible amounts. Just a few inches every day or so. We have had a good amount this week. I took a really great pic of the snow on the picnic tables but I misplaced the camera cable on the way from the house to the restaurant. That is why I am not allowed out with any substantial amount of money or other valuables.

The groomer has been busy this week. It was out last night to who knows where and out again today to Martin's Mill. All riders in today said that things were great. The creeks are still sloppy but the trails are well covered. Most riders have come from Bancroft or Mink Lake but we did have some in from Barry's Bay today.

I'll keep my ears open to see where else the groomer has been. But so far all looks good.

This is a great chance for some early riding so if you don't have family commitments this weekend load up and hit the bush.

That's it for now.

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