Thursday, July 22, 2010

We're having a real old fashion summer weather wise. It has been great all month. It mostly rains at night just like it should in my rule book. Even when it rains during the day it's not bad. There is nothing wrong with 20 minutes of rain and 12 hours of sun and heat. I'm sure pregnant woman everywhere are disagreeing with me but that too will change.

There are lots of people around. Trucks with trailers and boats are passing by constantly. The parks are full or nearly full. There have been a few ATVer's out this last week or so. But the water is so warm and the beach is so nice I can understand why riding may not be the first choice for an activity.

I has to go to Oshawa for a day to babysit my two grandsons. I arrived home unscathed and both boys survived an overnight with Gramma with only a few minor incidents and lots of spoiling.

Not too many bone head plays lately and no touching stories this week. Most were done by me and I am not sharing with the class. I still want you to think that Bullwinkle the cat is the village idiot, not me.

However one small story I can't resist. My son-in-law loaned me his trail camera so that I could mount it to a tree and take pictures of the deer feeding in the yard behind the diner. So, as I am technically challenged I passed the camera over to Martin to fiddle with it and see how it worked. Not being much better than me after a day or two we finally got it sorted out. Well we were having some cloudy periods with a thunder storm and I couldn't figure out why there were so many flashes of light and mostly behind me. After a day I realized that the camera was in the on position and every time I reached over it, it was activated and would flash a picture every 60 seconds. I now have about 40 pictures of the ceiling and the camera is still not mounted on a tree. I'm sure they will be good quality pictures when I figure out how to get them out of the camera!!! That is the only down side to your children growing up and moving away. There is no one to reprogram and run all this technical junk that we "have to have".

I thought that I was going to have to replace a speaker because after a storm a week or two ago it was all static and could not be used. But lo and behold after a thunder storm and lightning (not the trail cam) this week the speaker is now working better than ever. Now that is my kind of electronic device. Self repairing. You've gotta love it!!

I have decided for a number of reasons to cancel the September ATV ride.

The general store continues to be a hub of activity and is now open until 8:00 pm every day but Sunday. They even have gas and cigarettes. That is making lots of people happy. They increase their stock weekly and it is looking good in there now.

The paving is starting soon on Hwy 62 so the road will be good again for a few years. The wild turkeys are still roaming around with the baby chicks and the deer and the antelope play. Life in Lake St. Peter is good.

Well that's all the news that's fit to print. Hope to see you soon.


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