Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh what to say!!!!

Well Mother Nature didn't have the promised hot flash yesterday but she did have a hissy fit.

First it rained, then snow, then wind, then wind, then snow, then wind. Did I say wind? Then it just got darn cold.

Did we get much snow? NO!!! It all blew away. It is cold but really sunny today. A very nice day. There is now snow coming to speak of. Three guys parked a big trailer in the lot today and two more are up at the store. They will be back too late to get a first hand report but if it's good I'll update tomorrow.

The story is sledding is good in the bush but it's just getting there. The road crossings are bare. Most of the parking lot at the diner is down to the dirt. The temperature has been too cold for the snow to melt.

So it hard to say what to do. The sunny days are great. I love it. But more snow would be nice.

I guess the bottom line is if it won't cost you much to get here or you don't want to ride too far it would be worth the trip. Now having said that we sure would like to see you up here for some of the "northern hospitalty".

My day yesterday consisted of serving eight coffees, one BLT, one chicken fingers, one bowl of chili and three beers. Not bad for a 12 hour shift, glad I didn't have any staff in. So you can see why I would like company. It's getting lonely.

Have a great St. Paddy's weekend it you are taking part.

OPPS-Hold on the guys in the parking lot just came back. They headed for Haliburton through the Hydro line. Most of the trail was okay but some not so good. MLSS trails are groomed and good. Where the sun shines on the snow all day is a little bare but the rest is good. They came across two guys that had done 120 kms today and were not at their destination yet but were not unhappy.

Their opinion was for this late in the season things were not too bad. So there you go another definate maybe.


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