Thursday, March 05, 2009

I can't stall any longer

I waited as long as I could for something positive to happen but I can't wait any longer.

It was trying to snow today but it didn't amount to anything. It is still grey and overcast so who knows, surly not the weather people.

I haven't seen a groomer out all week so I'm not sure what is happening on that front. The trails are still icy and the roads are bare. Getting to the trails can be tricky if you have far to travel.

There have been riders in every day and no one is complaining about conditions. Two guys in Tuesday rode over to Pembroke for the day and on Wednesday they road to Petewawa and back. Both days they had good trips.

The temperature is still hanging below zero and getting quite cold at night so we are not losing any snow we just aren't getting any new.

So that is about all there is weather and snow condition wise.

Steve Eric and your brother say thanks for letting them use your house while you are away working and they are up here sledding.

Eric also wants me to ask the Bloody Caesar drinkers why more of you don't try the Diner Style Caesar--the one with the dollop of horseradish and nippy garnish. I think he just likes to say dollop. He thinks it's the best and was quite surprised when I told him that it wasn't that popular that regular caesars were way more popular.

So there it is Eric. I will see if your request increases the sales of Diner Style Caesars.

I will update tomorrow.


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