Monday, March 09, 2009

Oh no - Sleds and ATV's at the same time.

It's too early for selds and ATV's to be out at the same time. But that's what happened this weekend.

Kudos to all of the die hard riders that came out this weekend. I was truly suprised at how many riders there were out this weekend. Almost of the customers in were on sleds.

There was some snow last night which covered the trail nicely. The groomer went by this morning heading north. It was back fairly soon so I'm guessing it just went up to the Mckenzie Lake turn and came back.

It is to be mild Tuesday and really warm on Wednesday then back into a deep freeze for the next while. Mother Nature is one nasty old bag some days. It should just be winter and then spring! None of this teasing with nice weather screwing everything up for sledding then bang-freeze your ass off again just because you put on a spring coat.

The trails were a little rutty (is that a word) from the ATVs but if the groomer heads to Bancroft it should fix that. The road crossings were looking better today but if it gets up to +10 on Wednesday who knows.

So I don't have any great news to report weather wise or otherwise. I'll just wait to see what the next couple of days brings. I'll update again on Wednesday after Mother Nature has her hot flash.

Oh by the way Jim S, JR (the hottie) and the family were in on the weekend wondering where you and the gang were. So it's not just him that can't get away all the time.

What a sport JR and his son are. Each has a broken wrist and they are going skiing this week and coming up here sledding next week. Maybe it is just youthful foolishness!!! Have fun guys.

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