Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow conditions and my daily whine.

Oh yes-It's snowing again today. It snowed last night. But my truck is running with no major repairs, the guy with the backhoe has finally finished his clean up. And life goes on in orderly fashion.

My daughter rents my house next door. She now calls me her slumlord. This year so far the hot water tank has died, the pump broke last weekend and this week the furnace gave it up. The repair man told me that the furnace was built in 1973. Some things just don't last!!!

Just in case the person that is in control is listening-I've had enough breakdowns for a while so ease up will you.

On to the important stuff. It's still snowing. I know I already said that.

The group in from Haliburton Lake yesterday said that everything from here to there was perfect. Better than the report from my Kenisis Lake gang. But then it's hard to trust a sledder sporting a flaming pink Mohawk topping on their helmet. But you did look cute birthday girl.

Most riders in this week are noticing that it's not too busy out there. So with the daily grooming and cold temperatures the trails are holding up really well.

If this is March Break you wouldn't notice. There aren't many families with kids around. I bet you all went to Florida and I don't blame you.

Hope you can make it up this weekend.


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Dave said...

you can have our 1967 furnace when we replace it in the spring :D