Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday update.

The snow keeeeeeeeps coming, they are still grooming every day and I'm running out of witty banter.

I can no longer see out my kitchen window as the banks on the deck are about 7 feet high, my truck was stuck in my driveway AFTER it had been plowed. The total was four half tons stuck in my home driveway on Sunday! Today my truck won't start because the temperature is so stinking cold. I'm having the guy with the backhoe over for the second time this year to move the banks back so that I can even get down my driveway. Most times it doesn't need to be done.

But the sun is shining and if you're inside it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.

So now that I have finished whining for the day I guess I'll get back to work.

Hope we see you soon.

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