Saturday, March 01, 2008

Boy it was cold!!!

After living through the deep freeze this week it finally warmed up on Friday night. And just as the local coffee guys promised we got a good snowfall on Friday night and Saturday morning.

All the trails are groomed up this weekend. Some of the riders in said that most of the trails they were on had not even been traveled yet. With the cold temperatures the trails are in great shape and to grooming is lasting longer.

Thanks to the nice bunch in on Thursday on the "Clubhouse Tour". They had been riding for three days and eating clubhouse sandwiches each day in search of the best one. We were granted the dubious title of "Best Clubhouse" last week.

It looks like conditions will stay good right through March. At least through March break and Easter Weekend.

We will be opened each day on Easter Weekend if you happen to be in the area.

Just a little heads up. We are having an ATV poker run at the diner on May 3rd. $30.00 entry gets you your ride, a poker hand, random draws for prises and a steak dinner. For more information call us. 613-338-3043.

I will update Monday or Tuesday so keep on sledding.



Anonymous said...

hello nancy its brian what happend up there today and how are the trails ??

Anonymous said...

Nancy great blog. When I visit next - let's talk about that poker run. Lil from Tannis