Tuesday, May 01, 2012

We had a great weekend in cottage country last weekend.  There was so much going on.  Activities everywhere.  You couldn't possibly attend everything.

My ATV mud run was a great success.  Everyone had a good ride, even the ones that got lost.  The meal turned out great and there were lots of prizes.  We had 80 registrations and 70 riders.  The route was amazing, and nobody got hurt.  I was not responsible for any hangovers that may have happened later in the day.

You can still see little clumps of snow in the bush from the snow storm over a week ago.  It hasn't been very warm or sunny for a while.  Better days ahead for sure and it better start this weekend.  A group of girls and I are going on our annual ATV "Old Bag Ride" to Barry's Bay.  We stay overnight celebrate our greatness and ride back the next day.  It's always a good time.

I had a great ATV ride on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day and we went exploring trails that we had never been on before.  Saw some awesome beaver dams and wonderful country side.  It is a great place we have here.  And the best part is I didn't roll my bike or get stuck anywhere this time.   

The lights at both bridges are now working and operation fix the bridges that I didn't know were broken is underway.  The delays are not long only 3 seconds for the light to change if you pull up and its red and no one is coming in the other direction.  Not much longer if they are.

Not too much more to report so I will end now. 

Thanks for all the support that I received from so many people to make the ATV ride a success.

Back soon.

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mcZEd38 said...

Thanks for keeping the blog updated. Where do you ride your atv? I still have to purchase a trail pass and it looks like the Haliburton Association is the best bang for the buck. It's my very season so I just need beginner trails, I'm not looking for hardcore mud bogging. Yet.
Also can you ride on MLSS sled trails on ATV's during the summer?