Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wow!!!! What a beautiful fall. The colours are the best I have ever seen. I'm sure they are at their peak now. The reds and orange are incredible.

The weather is just as good and it shows by the number of people that are around especially on the weekends.

The local ATV club is having their colour ride this weekend. It would be a great time to be in the bush.

Other than that it is pretty quiet around here. I have had a lot of running to do lately ending with my final trip to Peterborough to have the three miles of packing yanked out of my nose after sinus surgery last week. It won't be pretty folks. I will probably cry like a baby!!! But it should feel good after it is over. I may find out that my feet really do stink!!!

By the way does anyone know where September went. It seems that the kids were just going back to school and now we are talking about Thanksgiving. Time flies even when you aren't having a good time.

That's it for now. I will try to come up with some better stuff next time. But you can't be on your game all the time.


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